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 Go Colombia! Villa de Leyva Experience

160 Kilometres north of Bogota lies the beautifully preserved colonial town of Villa de Leyva. Being declared a National Monument, it is definitely one of Colombia’s very special places and a ‘must-go’ for everyone visiting Colombia.

Villa de Leyva dates back to the early days of Spanish rule. It was founded by Hernan Suarez de Villalobos in 1572 and, as a National  Monument, the town will not be modernized. It’s enormous plaza is  believed to be the largest cobbled square in South America. The place  itself breathes a tranquil, romantic atmosphere during the week but  becomes lively and more crowded in the weekends.   Villa de Leyva has  dozens of good restaurants and shops near the plaza offer an excellent  selection of Colombia handicrafts.

The direct surroundings of Villa de Leyva are also well worth visiting.  

El  Fossil (the skeleton of a small Kronosaurus), El Infernito (one of the  most important religious Muisca sites in the country), the Monastry of  Ecce-Homo (founded in 1620) and the 80-m Guatoque  Waterfall are  only some of the highlights in this great region.

 About Go Colombia About Hans Dignum

Hans Dignum (1961) was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He graduated in 1989 as a Master of Science in biology at the University of Amsterdam. Since 1995 he lives with his Colombian wife and two kids in Colombia. First in Bogota, since 2002 in the picturesque colonial village of Villa de Leyva. In 2012 he started Go Colombia, a low profile but highly recommended, almost personal travel organization. Hans speaks Dutch, English and Spanish and has been working with tourists since 1989. Hans has great knowledge of South American countries and cultures, with special interest in Peru and Colombia. If you are looking for guided tours in Villa de Leyva and surroundings, please contact Hans by email. He works both with groups and on an individual base.

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* tourist activities

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* transport to, in and near     Villa de Leyva

* travel advise



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Go Colombia is based in Villa de Leyva and is specialized in tours in the near surroundings but works on request throughout Colombia  and as well Peru.