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South American Expeditions Foundation

Enjoy the diversity of Colombia

Colombia is not just another South American country.  From the Amazon Basin  to the snow-covered tops of the Andes and from the remote Pacific Coast to the unspoiled but easy-to-reach beaches of the Caribbean Coast, Colombia simply offers it all. Come see and visit this fast-developing but still low-scale tourist destination.

Colombia is one of the greenest countries in South America. Rainfall combined with lots of sunshine makes all-year-round visits possible. Your bathing-suit is as important as a warm fleece-jacket and a waterproof jacket. And don’t forget to bring your pocket-camera, because both nature and people are truly photogenique.

No need to mention that Colombia deals almost permanently with a negative safety-image. Although this is recently changed to the positive side, good travel-advise is still necessary for the more remote areas. As situations still can vary from week to week, good local advise is the best there is for a safe and careless journey.